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5 ways to wind down at night

I am most productive at night. While this is perfect for night owls,

Sander goes to bed at 11pm so that he can wake up for work. This means I also have to be in bed at that time. When I lived alone I could stay up late into the night working on creative projects. I had gotten so used to that lifestyle that even now I find it difficult to turn it off. My mind is always most active at night so I’ve begun to take steps to get to sleep faster.

Take a deep breath
It may not seem like it at first, but breathing deeply and slowly can help calm your body down. Use breathing the same way people use it to meditate. Think about each breath as it comes in and goes out. The slow repetition helps to focus on one thing – each simple breath.

Read something interesting
I love reading but could stay up until 2am if I was reading something interesting. Instead pick up a book that is more factual that gives you something to think about. There’s something about reading these types of books that makes me sleepy. It’s the main reason why I’m making such slow progress on Ghostland!

Listen to something
If you recall my ASMR video, you know that it works for me. But I need to be sleepy for it to work. If I watch ASMR without being tired then I get bored. While I wait to get sleepy, I’ll put on Spotify and turn to my favorite late night music. Right now I’m digging Sleep.

Talk to yourself
This might seem a little weird but it’s good to get in touch with yourself every so often. I take this time to think about my day. Was it good and productive? Did I let my emotions get the better of me? How can tomorrow be better? If I check in with myself I can check why I feel happy or sad and what I can do to make changes. It helps add closure to this day and excites me for the next.

Remind yourself tomorrow is a new day
We often get into a funk that keeps us up at night. I know for a long time I was up late into the night worrying about every little choice I’ve made up until now. We all have these periods in life. Sometimes they last longer than we had anticipated. What keeps me going is that tomorrow is a new day. This goes back to the last tip, but it’s important to know that tomorrow is a fresh, vibrant, time to be alive. Nothing is more exciting than the future. Knowing that helps me sleep a little better at night.

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