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My favorite iced tea flavors

It’s no secret that tea and water is all I drink. Water is my go to drink when we go out to eat, or celebrate with friends. Tea isn’t as simple to ask for so I never do. I’m not a fan of prepackaged teas either. Many of them have added sugar that make me feel disgusting after an hour or so. Instead I prepare my own tea and I do have some select favorites!

Rose Hip tea
This tart and delicate flavor is perfect for those endless summer nights. It’s got a lot of flavor that tastes how a rose would smell with the added flavor of cranberries. It’s supposed to have a lot of vitamin C. The color always varies with how long I steep it. Since I love my tea strong it’s always a beautiful color.

Orange tea
Orange tea is gentle and soothing to drink. It’s very soft in its citrus flavor and is a perfect ending to a busy day. It’s one of those teas you can sit back and relax with. I imagine someone sitting on their porch drinking a tall glass of orange tea because of how refreshing it is.

Jasmine tea
Jasmine tea is a new find for me. Sander and I had Chinese food a few months back. When I ordered the hot tea, I got Jasmine delivered to me. Since then I’ve enjoyed it more cold than hot. If I need to drink a lot of water but feel like I need flavor, I always turn to Jasmine. It’s very floral in taste and makes me feel like a princess when I drink it. It also brings back memories of our first trip to The Efteling. There was a dark scene room that was full of the scent of Jasmine. It’s a nostalgic and wonderful sensation to drink tea and remember my first few weeks in The Netherlands.

Mint tea
I’m new to the mint scene but I love it. Here, the Dutch usually order a warm drink after a meal in a restaurant. Coffee is ordered most of the time but so is hot mint tea. It’s supposed to aid in digestion and bloat. It makes sense to order it right after a heavy meal! I like drinking it cold if I’m craving something extra sweet but don’t want to indulge. It’s also perfect after a hot bath because of the refreshing taste.

Green tea
We of course, cannot forget green tea. I love having it after eating fish (good memories of sushi in California!). But we don’t eat a lot of fish anymore so I like it when I want to wind down after a hot day. Green tea is gentle on the stomach and has a regal taste to it. I love to brew a huge batch and finish the entire thing in one evening. I always feel like I’ve had a detox in my diet after having a huge cup. Maybe that’s why I like it so much!

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