Glasses and Contacts

I never enjoyed wearing glasses when I was younger. They gave me headaches and I thought I looked stupid. That changed as I got older though. I remember getting into high school and unable to read the board. So I had to get glasses (I wore contacts during the day) and had the same optometrist for the next 15 years.

When I moved to The Netherlands I made sure I had a year’s worth of contacts. When those ran out… We had to figure out a plan. So here’s what I’ve learned from my experiences.

Appointments aren’t necessary but can be planned instore or online. Weekends are too busy for walk ins but some stores don’t take appointments either. The earlier you come in, the better. If you must make an appointment then you need to specify if you’re coming for glasses or contacts. Eye appointments for new contacts or glasses are very different. But for both you cannot wear contacts for 24 hours before the appointment. I was told it changes the shape of the eye. I had no issues with my former doctor but it’s probably because he had me on file for so long.

I always love the instore service that the Dutch deliver. They make you tea or coffee while you wait. It’s a cute added feature that I’ve even experienced at the hair salon. An assistant helps you with your needs if you have a simple issue. The doctor takes you into a private room if you need further examination. For anyone who’s had glasses or contacts before, the process is simple. They measure the strength of your eyes. The doctor holds up a lens and shows you images or numbers.

Glasses in store
I had been having issues with my contacts and my doctor discovered my eyes were super dry. He insisted that I only wear glasses for a month. I was fine with this but I had some simple problem. Haru had eaten my glasses when she was a puppy. I had to wait instore while they crafted my glasses for me! Of course they needed the correct lens in stock (which they did). They were also simple lenses meaning no tinting or glare protection. I didn’t mind of course and the process took about 15 minutes to complete. What took me the most time was figuring out what frames to buy!

Overall experience
All in all, I love my new store. The one had I been to last year was alright but a lot less friendly. This new company I’m with makes me feel happy with my service and care. I’m two weeks into wearing my new glasses full time and they fit fine. I was worried it would be hard to find a good pair. I have a smaller face so glasses have never fit right. My new ones are comfortable and perfect for wearing all day. I often like to shake things up with my look so glasses are definitely in!

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