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How I deal with a lack of motivation

When Storm Dennis wandered across Europe, The Netherlands received unexpected high speed winds and stormy skies. The heavy rain and wind sucked out my energy and served me with a huge helping of a lack of motivation. I wanted to spend the entire day in bed, under the covers with our 3 blankets piled high on top of me. But of course, that’s no way for me to live my life. So instead I dragged myself out of bed and did all the things I needed to do. Want some insider information on how to combat motivation loss? Look no further!

Do something else
I often sat at my computer, watching the rain falling outside. Instead of pressuring myself to work, I got up and did other things. I did laundry, the dishes, and even sat down to mend some clothing. These other tasks felt a bit like procrastinating in a way, but I focused on things that needed doing. That meant no sitting on the couch watching reruns of NCIS. I felt better after completing my chores and this elevated feeling allowed me to get back to work. As much as I love working, I can’t do it well if I’m not in the right headspace.

Take comfort in others
Sometimes I like to talk to Sander to get into that headspace. It’s so important to have someone in your life that is willing to listen to you when you need it. It doesn’t always have to be about my deep dark insecurities either. Sometimes we talk about simple things, like what’s for dinner and how the dogs are doing. We even like to share photos or interesting news articles. Talking to Sander helps to ease my anxiety sometimes. There are days when his words are a breath of fresh air for my tired soul!

Get organized for the future
We’re dedicated Pokémon Go players and that’s no secret. What has been a secret though, is that we’re going to Liverpool for the Pokémon Go Safari event. It’s been ages since we’ve been out on a vacation together so I’m more than excited for April. And to prepare, I’ve got the task of figuring out our itinerary. April is ages away but it’s going to be here before we know it! And at least I can say that I’m on top of things, even when I feel like I’m not!

Wait it out
And at the end of the day, I can say I did my best. But motivation isn’t always so easy to hold on to. If the entire day passes and I still feel unmotivated, I wait it out and look forward to the next day. We’ve had the sun come out a few times throughout the week and it’s been so good. I can go on longer walks with the dogs and they don’t come back unhappy and wet! Sometimes these things take time but there’s always a fresh day tomorrow.

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