November and December

I took some time off last week to chill out. November is a mixed bag for me. My dad’s birthday, his death, and Thanksgiving are all in the last two weeks of November. And now it’s December… It’s been hard to blog lately, just because it’s another year that’s flown by… But this year felt like a wasted year. We had to cancel all our plans. There were conventions, concerts, meetings, dates that we gave up. Of course other things popped up but this year was a let down in general. So let me talk about happier things. It’s always easy to talk about the sad stuff and I’ve been skipping a lot of posts so that the disappointment didn’t seep into my words.

I didn’t write about Nano because there wasn’t much to talk about. I did want to post a short summary of all the stories I’ve written. But I forgot about until around week 2. And by then, it didn’t seem important anymore. As much as I love writing, I needed a break to mentally gather myself. Instead I kept myself busy by filling my head with Podcasts. If I keep my mind busy, I don’t have time to think about good or bad things! But I also can’t plan and write stories. It’s ok, I’m happy for the break. I’d love to get back into it someday, some year.

We see Sander’s parents once a week so it’s almost like they’re in our quarantine bubble. We bring them their groceries and join them for dinner on Thursdays. When Thanksgiving rolled around they came over to our place and we had a tiny meal. I served the normal Thanksgiving fixings and it was a good time all around. I was also able to call my family, which was nice. I’d love for them to come out someday and celebrate with us. But I didn’t write about it because I wanted it to be a private event. And it was, and it was great.

Holiday Season
We decided to go all out for Christmas to make up for what we missed. So this year we got a tree. We found a local company and purchased a lovely fake tree. This way we could have it for many years to come. It’s simple but beautiful. And we can make use of all the small things Sander’s mom had given us for previous holiday seasons. I wanted to make December exciting for us this year because we’d be stuck inside. And so far it’s looking amazing. We have our tree in the window and it looks lovely from the street.

Animal Crossing
Winter events are coming up and I’d love to write about them. I haven’t had my first snow yet but the store is selling toys! And I can bundle my character too! This game has been a wonderful way to wind down in bed after a busy day. As I said before, I spend only an hour or so playing. If I made more time, I would never do anything productive!

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