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Must have items for February in The Netherlands

Winter in The Netherlands isn’t has cold as it used to be. We’ve seen only a few centimeters of snow this year and that’s probably all we’ll get. But as someone who lived in arid Southern California all her life, the Dutch late winters have me on my toes. And I get it. There will always be a colder place to live. But if you’re looking to visit Amsterdam once the chaos is over, this is advice I’d pass on this advice to someone from a similar homeland. So here are a few items I found can be super helpful for a February in The Netherlands.

Cute beanies
I can’t tell you how many times I’ve come home with brain freeze, not from eating ice cream… But from walking the dogs! It’s been around freezing point for a few days so keep your noggin warm with a super cute hat. The thicker, the better. Adorable accessories, like pom poms, allow you to be not only fashionable, but keep you warm too. A waterproof hat is also great to have when it rains. And it rains almost every other day where we live. So protect your head from the weather by wearing something cute! If hats aren’t your thing, I’ve seen the Dutch wear headbands over sleek hair styles and I’m so jelly!

Cozy coats and lovely layers
Don’t tell anyone, but I wear yoga pants under my jeans. I’m serious! I have a thick and faux fur lined jacket so my upper body is fine. But my jacket ends at my hips and that leaves my legs exposed. So double up if you can! Make sure that your outer layer of clothes are a size up so you’re not squished into your outfit. I can’t think of anything more uncomfortable! If you can’t double up your outfit layers, then look for clothing that offers thermal comfort. I know that Uniqlo offers some great options but I haven’t needed a pair yet.

Hearty boots
There’s no snow on the ground but that doesn’t mean it isn’t icy. Be sure that your shoes have good grip on them otherwise you risk falling on your butt! Keep yourself safe rather than sorry and dress a bit practically when you can. I know I have some beautiful shoes that I can’t wear in this weather and that’s ok! There’s always the rest of the year to break out something more fancy to wear. And if you’re going to be walking a lot, you should invest more in comfort. I’ve walked miles in uncomfortable shoes and I wanted to cry the whole way!

Colorful scarves
We had a mix of sunny and cloudy days so wear something bright and colorful to spice up your life. I know that I am more vibrant when my outfit is too. Sometimes you need to dress for the mood you want to be in! Let those bright spring colors shine. Spring is around the corner too so the long slog of winter is almost over!

Thick hand creams
During the colder months, I get hands so dry that they crack and bleed. I never had such an issue in California! If you’re not a fan of wearing gloves, make sure you carry a hand cream in your bag. If you’re like me, always washing your hands, you’ll need to reapply hand cream often. It might seem like a pain but it’s worth it to not have painful hands! I’m actually more than excited to share that Bath and Body Works has a Dutch website! I used to love buying their creams, hand sanitizers and even pillow mist! I don’t need to ask my mom to bring some over when she visits so it’s a win win for the both of us!

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