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Christmas Market in Haarlem

Christmas time is almost here! And that can only mean one thing, Christmas markets in every city. We decided to go out to Haarlem this past weekend and see what the fuss was all about. Boy were we surprised! There were so many people in the streets! The Haarlem downtown area had vendors lined up and down the length of the square. For a few weeks these specialized vendors sell seasonal items as gifts or home decor.

The first thing we did was visit a stroopwafel stall. The stroopwafels are fresh and made while you wait. They had a variety of kinds including chocolate dipped stroopwafel, which of course I had to get. It so delicious! I was a bit envious of Sander’s, his was a plain stroopwafel and so it was fresh off the grill. If mine had been warm, the chocolate would’ve melted off right onto my fingers!

The stalls had everything under the sun. We saw homemade goods and excellent fleamarket finds. On top of that we found delicious cured meats and cheeses. And to top it off, fresh Christmas trees were also sold. It was such an adventure traveling from one end of the square to the other! There were so many people we had to navigate around! Some of the goods looked so delicious. It was very tempting to buy everything in sight. The holidays are definitely for indulging but there has to be a limit.

Towering above us was the iconic church Saint Bavokerk. At the end of the square also stood a Christmas tree adorned with beautiful sparkling lights. On the very top was a giant star the glimmered even in the cloudy weather.

We wandered around for about an hour and a half. A live band also played Christmas music for everyone to enjoy. But before too long, we started to get cold and decided to head back.

It was definitely worth it! The drive was short so travel time was not an issue. We got to see some wonderful holiday decorations and items. I had a great time at the Christmas market. People talk about it often and I had wanted to check out for myself. If you too want to venture into the world of holiday markets, bring a nice warm coat!

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