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How to prepare for spring

Spring is still a little ways off but it’s never to early to get a head start. Aside from deciding on what exciting things can be done once the weather is warmer, here’s a list of other things to consider!


Get yourself organized
We recently purchased a new wardrobe for our bedroom. We seriously needed it as the smaller one was perfect for Sander alone. Now we have more than enough room for all of our clothing and more! This will require a post of its own but it’s important to get organized for spring. A new season means new activities to indulge in. It’s better to be ahead of the game and do your spring cleaning ASAP. Toss out any winter clothes you took out but haven’t worn for a few years. As you bring out your spring wardrobe, check out what you have and what you might need to add or donate. I know my sneakers will need replacing soon as the soles have holes in them. I had that pair for a whopping 5 years and I’ll miss them!


Invite a green inside
I’m horrible at caring for my plants. They either get too much water or not enough! I do my best to learn about each one and keep them maintained but for everyone that’s thrived, one has died. I can only improve from here so this spring I want to bring more green into the house and learn from my mistakes. We also have a cat that enjoys eating my plants so I’ve had to be careful about what we buy. While I love the monstera plant, it’s highly poisonous to both cats and dogs. Instead we opted for fake ones from Ikea which you can see in my previous post about getting back into reading.

And speaking of reading
Now is the perfect time to set up a list of what new books you want to read. Goodreads has a fantastic list of books that come out each month and I’m excited to see what February and March have to offer. While I have a long list of books I still have to tackle, it’s always a good idea to keep an eye out for new and upcoming authors as well.


Remember to stay cozy
It’s still super chilly outside so make sure that you don’t step out in inappropriate weather wear! I know my family and friends back home are still only wearing hoodies and jeans but here in The Netherlands I’ve got my trusty black bomber and scarf to keep me cozy. Only in Nederland can you step out into the sun shine to talk the dogs and be hailed on half way through the walk!

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