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Video games I’ve been playing

It’s no secret that the bad weather has kept me indoors. Aside from passing my time by working on the blog or reading, I’ve been playing a handful of games. For me, playing video games keeps my mind and hands busy. Back home I would watch my favorite shows but I could do crafty hobbies as well. I haven’t gotten back into many of those hobbies out here and need to keep my hands busy all the time. Playing video games helps me fill that void.

Guild Wars 2
I’ve played Guild Wars since the first game betas back in early 2005. It’s an MMORPG, a game played with thousands of other people all over the globe. While I loved the idea of playing online, I didn’t want to have to pay for more than a game. That’s where GW came in. When GW2 was released, I didn’t skip a beat. I bought the ultimate collections edition (which is in America right now). To this day I still play almost every day. While I can’t say I’ve mastered the game, it’s always a good platform where I can learn something new or immerse myself in the story. GW2 has monthly updates and Sander and I play through those together. The game is a great way for the two of us to unite in our gaming obsessions. It’s one of the few games we enjoy and can play as a couple.

I’ve played Pokémon since the original Blue and I haven’t given up yet. My most recently accompaniments have taken me ages. I’ve finally gotten my oldest monsters (2007 games) all the way to my most recent and completed version. I haven’t started my playthrough of Ultra Sun yet, so all my oldies are hiding out in Moon. I’ll be transfering everyone over as soon as I can though!

Ah Skyrim… I don’t think there’s any other game where I’ve logged so many hours. I’ve played around 400 combined hours across all characters. For me, that’s a lot. The only other game above that is GW2, which sits at around 2,458 over the course of almost 7 years. Skyrim is an open-world RPG where you are the chosen one and must protect the world from a violent dragon. My oldest character is quite tanky. I have full dragon armor and carry a giant hammer on my back! I’m also a werewolf but I can’t be sure. One of the expansions required you to be a vampire so I’m one or the other. Needless to say there are thousands of options on how to play and I like experimenting.

Fallout 4
While I love Fallout 4, I’m a bit burned out from playing my main character. I want to go back in and do the rest of the achievements because I love this game so much! But when I think about starting from scratch, I feel too lazy to do it. I’ll get to it! I enjoyed playing this game because of the post-apocalyptic world. I’ve also played and fell in love with Fallout: New Vegas. I was obsessed with that game for years.

Animal Crossing New Leaf
Who could ever forget Animal Crossing? I began to play this on my old Gamecube and fell in love. My 3DS was purchased with a single game, Animal Crossing New Leaf. When I moved I sold that verson and regretted it. After things had settled down (me unpacking my life from two suitcases) I bit the bullet and bought a new copy for my new European 3DS.

I tend to play this when I’m feeling sick or under the weather. That way I can get comfy on the couch with the PS3 and get back into Okami. You play as a goddess in the body of a wolf brought back to fight an ancient evil that has returned to the land. I played about 50% of this game on the Wii but ended up getting involved with other games at that time. It’s been long enough that I decided to invest in the HD version and start from the beginning. It’s been a wonderful and artistic ride so far!

Honorable mention: Bioshock
I recently purchased the collector’s edition of Bioshock for our Xbox One but have yet to sit down and play. The main reason is because I want Sander to watch the game play and get him obsessed with the story as well! Bioshock is my number one favorite game of all time and I was sad to see it end with Bioshock Infinite. While I sold all my games in America, I saved the art books and cannot wait until I can bring it overseas.

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