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May to do list

April went by so fast that I didn’t even have the time to create a to do list. The first weekend we had another Pokémon GO Community Day but with Mareep this time around. I didn’t write about it because we did nothing but walk the whole day but I do have a post about the Bulbasaur day. The week after that was a trip down to see Sander’s brother. We got home and I got sick so the rest of the month went by with me keeping up with posts and resting.

Now that May is here, I’m back in business! There’s so much to see and do in The Netherlands during this month and I’m excited to share everything with you guys. From logging new experiences to eating new foods, May is going to be another busy month for us.

Van Gogh & Japan
I don’t like saying that Van Gogh is one of my more favorite artists because I feel like it’s said so often. But you know what? I like what I like and I’m excited to see this new exhibit going on at the Van Gogh museum. It showcases how Van Gogh used Japan in his work. He drew much inspiration from Japanese prints and even though it wasn’t popular in The Netherlands, Van Gogh made it work for him. I’m excited to learn more about how he implemented Japanese techniques into his own pieces.

And speaking of Van Gogh…

Read: Vincent and Theo – The Van Gogh Brothers
This year old title by Deborah Heiligman covers the relationship that Vincent had with this younger brother. We had briefly discussed Vincent’s life in my art history classes. This was when I was introduced to Theo. Dutch history in general is a historic wonder and I’m so exciting to be living in the same country as these masters. I can’t wait to begin reading this book and I plan to do it in a few weeks time.

Blog Maintenance
I’ve been going back to my first posts and doing some cleaning! It’s humbling to see where I started and how far I’ve come since I dedicated myself to this blog. I’ve changed a lot and many of my old posts need updating! I intend to go and revisit some of the first places we’ve been to so that I can retake photos and write better blog content. It’s going to be a tedious task but I can do it!

Go on vacation
We will be going to Zutendaal, Belgium for an entire week! I’m super excited and nervous because this is the first time we’re going with both Booker and Haru. The last time we went on such an extensive trip was back in 2016 to Oosterhout. We didn’t have either dog with us so I’m sure it’s going to be a trip to remember.

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