Pokémon GO Community day – Larvitar

Once again it’s that time of the month. Thousands of Pokémon GO players flood out into the streets to catch elusive monsters that have been available for a short time.

Well it’s not that dramatic. Local residents have come to recognize the signs that a new Pokémon GO event is in effect. The area becomes quite active. People spend hours walking up and down streets with their phones to their faces. It’s strange for an outsider to see but it was normal for us.

Our group headed out to Lisse to the Kasteel Keukenhof for this month’s events. While the Keukenhof is currently in off season, the Kasteel Park is still open. Here would could both enjoy the nature around us, and catch as many Pokémon as we could

The main catch of the day was the Larvitar and it’s shiny form. It’s a beautiful green hue that makes it stand out. The important thing is that these Pokémon are super powerful in game. There are many high level bosses that can be taken down with a well trained team of Larvitar’s evolution (Tyranitar). Tyranitar are always in high demand. Of course now with the way the game plays, this is not always the case. But when presented with an easy way to catch something powerful, who will say no?

On top of being able to catch them , the final evolution would learn a very special move. This would make it extra strong in some battles and we wanted that boost of power!

We had from 11:00am to until 2:00pm to catch these Pokémon. While the Larvitar were abundant, the goal was to get enough shiny Larvitar to have one of each of its evolutions. That would mean they would all have a unique color. Everyone in our group had at least three by the time noon rolled around. That is everyone but me! I was getting nervous but I knew my time would come. And that it did! As soon as I found my 1st, I found my 2nd. The 3rd followed not too long after that.

What was a bit troublesome was that we all got network errors. It was difficult to play because the service for the game cut out very often in the first hour. After that we found we could play. We did have have some issues in certain areas but they might have been digital dead spaces.

The fun highlight of the event for our group was that we were able to watch the preparations for a wedding. The castle seems to be a popular spot for events and it was exciting to see one. The wedding time seemed to have been set for 2pm, the end of our event so we were out of the park by then. What was funny was that we had no idea that we were playing a digital game next to a building that had been erected in 1642! The castle had been a residential estate for a former commander.

This is what I love about the country… There’s so much history around us that it’s easy to overlook! I enjoy learning as much as I can when I have the chance to.

The weather was perfect too. It was partly cloudy and the temperature was perfect for hiking. Most of our walking was in the park and we ended up traveling around 5 miles. We walked the entire 3 hours and our excitement kept us going.

It started to rain right as we started to round up! We all hoped the wedding ceremony was able to continue. I know either way these tough Dutchies know how to handle their bad weather!

All in all it was another fantastic event. We’re excited for next month’s event which will be a bit special. We have big plans but I will hold onto them for now!

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