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Lush Halloween 2018 Haul

The Lush Halloween 2018 collection has been out for a few weeks now. I’ve been waiting to tell you guys all about it! We didn’t pick up any bath items because it’s too difficult to find the time for a bath. It may be months before we used the items and they have “best fresh by” dates. Instead we went for the more practical (for us) items.

Ectoplasm Shower Cream
This was the first item in my basket. It’s a beautiful neon green color (my favorite) so I could not resist. Ectoplasm is full of fragrant citruses that make my mouth water! The formula is thick and is full of both cocoa butter and almond oil. The scent of oranges was my favorite thing about living in California. While this leaves my skin soft and rehydrated, I’m revitalized and I’m ready for anything!

Ectoplasm Perfume
This is the same scent as above but packed into a perfume. I spritz it on in the morning after I’ve washed my face. The beautiful sweetness makes me feel like I’m eating gummy bears! This perfume delivers a burst of fragrance that will last the entire day. I’ve been looking for a perfume that captures that beautiful springtime orange scent. And here it is. I’m so glad I skipped out on H&M’s perfume line but this one bottle is the real deal. And yes, I know citrus scents are more springtime but these are elegant and wispy… Like a ghost? (Haha) If I could have picked up a few bottles of this, trust me, I would have. I’m going to use this bottle to death!

Ghost In The Dark Soap
It’s a bit of overkill to use this soap and the shower cream at the same time. That being said, I love this soap like no other! Again keeping with the citrus theme, this soap has a reinvigorating quality around it. I kept it in out on display in my hallway for a few weeks and let me tell you… It was refreshing each time around. It’s got the perfect creamy texture that most cocoa butter Lush soaps have and it even glows in the dark! This bar is also soft enough to cut into smaller pieces. I plan on using half now and the other half later so I can cherish that beautiful scent.


I love all these items so much and wish they weren’t seasonal. It’s the first time in forever that I’ve found citrus packed bath items that pack a wallop. I can only hope they come back next year because if they do, it’s another huge reason I love this time of the year!

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