5 Autumn themes I’m excited for

I know we still have about 2 more weeks until Autumn officially hits us but I’m excited now! When I lived in California we only had one season: summer. Sure, it got a little colder in the winter but living in The Netherlands has shown me what seasons are all about. And now that my favorite season is just around the corner, I’d like to share my favorite Autumn themes!

Halloween clothing
I’m not talking about crazy costumes and wigs. I’m feeling more the “tourist in a supernatural world” type vibe. I found that perfectly in this shirt from Gina Beana Design Co. I spent a lot of time looking for a good Hocus Pocus shirt too but I didn’t find one that was perfect. Maybe next year!

A shift in color
I’ve been obsessed with retro shades for a few months now. I’m talking all about those colors that are a throwback to the 70s and 80s. Now that Autumn is upon us, I’ve been seeing these colors readily available. Since I already updated my wardrobe this past spring with my favorite hoodie, I don’t need to buy anything else. But this doesn’t mean I can’t go window shopping! Another Autumn theme that I enjoy is the harvest season. You can bet that Sander and I will be heading back down to the apple orchards for fresh pickings!

Cosy outfits
Oh boy, I’ve been waiting for ages to bundle up! I love the casual off duty model look that mixes both comfort and style. My favorite go to is a hoodie and a jean jacket with a pair of boots. The outfit makes perfect sense for a dog walk. Warm, casual, and not too over the top. The best thing about layers is that they can be worn effortlessly and I don’t look too lazy!

Nostalgic movies
Ah, Halloween is right around the corner. I already have my movie playlist ready to go! What I like to do is have the TV on while I work. The house sounds fuller and the dogs don’t hear outside noises to bark at. Since there are no Halloween movie marathons here, I like to load up several films and play them back to back. Best think about is that I don’t have to watch commercials!

Spending time with family
My brother and mom came to visit us for the first time. They had never seen our house before. My life in The Netherlands has been an experience only I have seen. My Dutch family and American family are two seperate pieces. It was strange to see my mom and brother sitting on my couch and sharing meals with us but it felt so good! Thanksgiving is almost coming up in a few months so I’ll have to think about how to make this year run smoothly. We had a lost of issues last year but I won’t let that happen again!

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