Make Art Every Day Challenge Update

It’s been almost a month since the Dutch Prime Minister gave his first press conference. He recommended we stay indoors and that we limit contact with others. That also meant we had to postpone all our holiday plans. This is not a mandatory quarantine but Sander and I want to respect our neighbors. Sander and I are like bears and staying inside hasn’t been easy. We hibernate all winter and in spring we emerge to do all sorts of wonderful things. And now we may need to stay inside for another month. The Make Art Everyday Challenge has been one of the few things that has been keeping me sane.

The Make Art Everyday Challenge was created by Lisa Bardot who wanted to encourage people to draw more. She started it last year but I was still in the middle of my Dutch lessons. This year I had plenty of time to dive head first into her challenge. And now that we can’t leave the house, it’s been a blessing to have. Once a week she updates the main page with a list of things to draw daily. Her weekly emails also go deeper into each topic. She uses Procreate which is a program I’ve wanted to learn for a while. I’ve come so far since January and I can’t believe it! My art Instagram feed looks ridiculous but it’s been fun to be able to go back and see what I’ve made.

Lisa also has a Youtube channel where she does weekly tutorials. I’ve enjoyed watching her use techniques that I never knew of! There’s always something wonderful to learn and her teaching style is great. She’s got a defined style and I love the look of it and I’m eager to learn what she does. This month we’ve been drawing simple things but in different styles. I had no idea that Naive Illustration was a style! I also enjoy Flat Art, Minimalism and Doodling! You can learn more about the different styles she’s introduced to us on her tutorial page. Lisa also has an impressive online store with Procreate brushes. She also has some free brushes that are available.

I’m thankful for the Make Art Everyday Challenge. While I take a break from it every so often, I make sure to catch up as soon as possible. I’ve been emotionally burned out some days. It’s nice to not have any pressure to be consistent. I recommend you check it out if you enjoy drawing and want something to fill your time during quarantine.

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