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What our grocery runs look like

Sander and I used to go grocery shopping once a week. He’d come home from work and we’d hop into the car with our reusable bags. We roamed the aisles looking for delicious foods, both new and well loved, to fill our bellies. But families are limited to one member per household and I can’t go shopping anymore. Well I can, but would be for small hauls. All I have is a bike so I can’t do a weekly haul. Now Sander comes homes and heads out alone. He hates shopping for groceries so I have to make him a precise list on what to get.

And I have to be 100% accurate! One time I wrote down ginger ale and he came back with two small bottles. I had planned on using the large bottle to help me dispose of some frying oil but instead I was stuck with bottles that were too small for that!

So now I make a list and hope all goes well. Let me talk about a little of what we usually get each week.

Meats and Veggies
The Dutch dinner is typical and not too unfamiliar for me. It’s meat and veggies at its most basic. Sander always has a helping of fries to go with his meal. For a more exciting meal we have meat and veggies with a grain. Sometimes we have homemade Chinese or Indian food. No matter what the actual meal, it always starts off with meat and veggies. Our most purchased meat is chicken since it’s light and easy to cook. There are rare times when we get beef or pork but those are special occasions. The last time we had beef was for Christmas and I can’t remember the last time we had pork!

Always room for snacks
Oh boy, Sander and I are snack monsters. We have a small grocery budget for all things tasty. He’ll help himself to a cookie or a bowl of M&M’s around 8pm. I stopped having snacks after 7pm but I love to enjoy a stroopwafel after dinner. And right around 2pm is when I sit down with some sunflower seeds and a good Youtube video. We love to get other snacks too, like the custake cakes found on Uit Paulines Keuken. They’re to die for and I have to fight to stop at one cake!

Simple lunches
I made a recent post about how I have simple lunches that keep me sustained throughout the day. I enjoy a simple meal because it helps to cut down on grocery costs and simple for Sander to pick up. And of course who doesn’t enjoy a meal that takes 10 minutes to make? Keeping a simple lunch routine helps me save time and energy!

Special Pancakes
Every Sunday I make fresh pancakes from scratch. It’s been a tradition for us for the past 4 years. So there are a few special things we need to pick up for them. On top of our breakfast grocery list, are flour and butter, of course. But I make buttermilk pancakes. So we grab the Dutch version, karnemelk. It comes in a small carton which is perfect for a single patch of pancakes. But let me tell you, that batch of pancakes makes enough for 3 days! Currently we’ve been having blueberry pancakes because Sander had never tried them before. And he’s hooked!

Now hear me out on this one. Sander and I have a store bought pizza once a week. I love pizza so much that I don’t mind having it week after week. It’s a great splurge meal for us because it’s so easy to make. And I know pizza isn’t the healthiest of meals. But it’s a great way for us to sin cheaply because store bought pizzas are a fraction of the price of a pizza joint!

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