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When people ask me what I miss about America, I have two things that top the list. Going to Disneyland in California and American food. I grew up in a household that wanted me to fit in with my peers. We ate Indian food on special occasions and Sunday. I dressed casually and never learned the tongues of my parent’s homeland. So of course American goods were what I got to eat. This includes everything from the fast food to the snacks. Most of this stuff isn’t healthy. But boy is it tasty. And it’s difficult to get in The Netherlands. This is where My American Market comes in.

My American Market is an online store based in France that imports goods from both America and Canada. It’s a communicative store and ultra easy to order from. Let me share what I indulged in on this order. Yes, this order, because I’m sure I will order more in the future!

The Goods

I grew up with this flavor of popcorn and I’m so excited it was in stock. Our local store has two flavors for popcorn, salty or sweet. I’ll eat the salty one but I refuse to do the sweet. It feels nice to have buttered popcorn in the house again! Popcorn has always been my favorite snack so we’re going to pop the first bag this weekend and watch something juicy. We finished Unsolved Mysteries and we’re dying for more. I watched the show growing up so it’s been a huge nostalgia fest in our home!

Cracker Jacks were something that will contradict the first item… These are caramel coated popcorn pieces. And I said I don’t want sweet popcorn but these are caramel coated! They aren’t sweet. They used to come in a box with a little toy and that pretty much sums up what it was like growing up in American in the 1990’s. Everything is unhealthy and comes in a box with a toy.

I’ve has Stash brand tea before and it’s not the strongest tea but this is pumpkin spice flavored. Now don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed making my own pumpkin spice. But there’s something about waking up in the morning, on a cold winter’s day, and pouring yourself a ready made cup of pumpkin spice. It’s about having the easy way of doing things and premade tea mixes are right up that alley.

Oh boy, this took me back real far into my childhood. All the goodness of the ultra cheesy chips I grew up with, this bag contains it all. It’s nostalgia in a bag but I have to limit how much I eat. More than a few chips and I feel sick! I wasn’t expecting that! It’s because it’s been ages since I’ve had junk food and my body isn’t used to it. Ah, oh well.

It’s no secret that Americans love them Spicy Hot Cheetos… And now I found a place that sells them for a reasonable price! The flavor is so damn good and I can’t resist making a sandwich with some chips on the side. The sad thing is that these guys are junk food… And I feel sick after eating them. So while I enjoy stuffing them into my mouth, I can’t say my stomach appreciates it. I guess it was about time that I stop loving the junk food of my 20’s. I’m not young anymore and it’s healthier for me to stay away from them… But man, I still love that flavor!

I haven’t used this yet but I hope that it will add some flavor to our tacos. The Dutch flavoring we buy isn’t as good as the stuff we get in America. I’ll try and update this post when we do use it!

Oh boy, the memories with these! Remember when I said I wasn’t eating chocolate? Well all that went out the window when I saw these on the site. I love me some cookies and cream and Poptarts? Get outta here! I was in heaven from the first bite but I know I can’t order these again. It’s got so much sugar, it’s too much for this 32 year old!

Anyone who has ever tasted Chip’s Ahoy knows that familiar flavor they all have. While these cookies were super tasty, the peanut butter was difficult to taste. But I love these cookies to begin with so it wasn’t too much of a disappointment.

I got this for Sander because he’s a huge fan of cookie and chocolate snacks. These were on sale so I got a ton of them for him. He enjoys them as an after dinner snack when he plays racing games with his gamers guild.

Ordering and Shipping
My American Market is like any online store. Search the site, order up, and wait for the package to come in. Ordering, payment and processing was easy and quick. I ordered on a Sunday and was able to get everything but Saturday. This store is in France so it was pretty fast for it to come in! And our order was over a certain amount, we got the My American Market Collector’s bag and a Harry Potter creature Gummy for free!

Please note this isn’t sponsored. Everything was better than expected and you bet I’ll be back around autumn time for all those Halloween goodies!

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